Game of Thrones Season 8 – Episode 1 (What We Know So Far)

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It is finally here! The official date for the release of Season 8 of Game of Thrones is out. April 14 has been set as the proposed date for the beginning of the end. Winter is finally here at Westeros and so are those eerie secrets lurking behind the snowstorm. To start off, yes, the rumours are true. The script for Game of Thrones Season 8 has leaked. There were speculations regarding what all has been leaked. Well, a major portion of the upcoming season is out. Although not many people have got access to the entire script, but here is what all has been learnt so far. (The episode follows the classic three-scene playtime)


The scene opens with everything to ground. The aftermath of the attack on Eastwatch is shown. A lot of crows die and the walkers make their way past the destroyed wall. Thankfully, Torund and Gendry manage to flee the scene (assuming that they are still alive). Viserion (who now mounted by the Night King), kills (burns) a number of crows on Eastwatch. Edd, the new Commander of the Night’s Watch (appointed by Jon) gets killed. Berric Dondarrion (yet another one of people’s favourites) manages to kill the walker that killed Edd. He is later seen crowded by walkers (assumed killed, off-screen). Castle Black gets burned to ashes (by Viserion).


Daenerys and everybody who went to King’s Landing arrive at Winterfell. They realise that it has gotten a lot colder and darker than it was earlier. Okay, people rejoice since just after that Arya reunites with Jon (after so long!). Sansa, the Lady of Winterfell, notices something weird and asks whether Dany and Jon are in love. There is a comical interlude (used to lighten the eerie and dark plot). It is then when Sansa tells Jon about Petyr Baelish. How he was a traitor throughout and how he plotted against Ned, their father. Arya meets Sandor and both seem happy. Sansa reacts negatively when she gets to know that Jon has agreed upon a deal with Cersei Lannister.


This scene takes place in King’s Landing. Euron has managed to bring the Golden Company to Cersei (things he’s done just to get laid, lol). Cersei interacts with the commanders (of the Golden Company in the throne room. Cersei is quite positive that the fortress would withstand the Winter so she asks the commanders to fortify it thoroughly. There is a brief romantic scene between Cersei and Euron, but she reacts as if she wasn’t pleased. He leaves for Storm’s End the following morning with the promise that he will marry Cersei after he returns.

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