Season 8 – Episode 4 (All We Know So Far)

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Everything about the third episode is so intense. The war has started and people are dying. The Night King is still out loose and is growing powerful every passing moment. Howland Reed is presumably dead (around the second episode). Anyway, fellow GoT fans, there is still much to be unravelled as the plot will grow even darker. Game of Thrones is famous for its eerie and uneasy atmosphere. Everywhere around Westeros, people are dying and adding up to the army of the dead. Who will survive? Who will make it up to the top of the leaderboards? Nothing is certain. Lives have been lost and more will die; because, Valar Morghulis.


The scene opens up in King’s Landing where Cersei is busy fortifying her castle. She seeks help from Euron, Qyburn and the commanders of the Golden Company. She gets to know (from Qyburn) that Jaime is in Riverrun (or around it) with Jon. He goes on to tell her that they are awaiting the attack from the Night King around Riverrun. The viewers even get to know that Pyke has been taken back by Theon and Jon. Cersei plays her sly game and tells her men to attack Dragonstone as Daenerys’ army is weak and belittled. Cersei even shows her disgust for Euron and after he departs, she goes on to say that he gets killed.


Takes place in Dragonstone where Daernerys and her group members finally arrive. Varys gets to know (from his birds) that Euron is going to attack Dragonstone (with the help of the Golden Company). He tells her that Euron’s ships have been seen sailing from King’s Landing. Grey Worm is dead and Missandei tries to cope up with it. She tries to be strong and often Daenerys asks her about this strength. We even get to know that Daenerys is pregnant with Jon’s son (Azor Ahai?). Samwell Tarly promises that he will keep Gilly and little Sam safe.


In Riverrun, Tyrion and Jaime can be seen talking to each other. Tyrion is happy (yet perplexed) regarding why did Jaime leave Cersei. Jaime tells him that Cersei can never be at peace after the deaths of their children. It is at that moment that everybody realises that Daenerys isn’t safe in Dragonstone. Tyrion knows that Cersei has ordered the Golden Company to kill Danerys and they should so something to save her. Jon informs Sansa that the White Walkers will soon reach the Vale and that he will send an army to protect them.

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