Game of Thrones Season 8 – Episode 3 (All We Know So Far)

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Jon and Daenyers, along with their group arrive in Greywater Watch to discuss the strategy for the Great War. They want to face the Night King and his group of White Walkers and put an end to their menace (for once). They discuss about how they should organize themselves before they split up. Jon is certain that the walkers won’t be able to attack the Eyrie as it is impenetrable. Tyrion even jokes about how easily can the Night King destroy Eyrie. Meanwhile, the Lannister army and Edmure’s men fortify Riverrun. It is then when they receive bad news about Lyanna Mormont’s death. Maester Wolkan arrives with the bad news and tells that she was attacked by the walkers.


Sandor and Arya are seen travelling on Kingsroad. There is tension all around (as the walkers have entered the North). Sandor even mocks Arya that she is stupid to have travelled alone instead of going with Jon and others. It is then when he gets to know that Arya is going to King’s Landing. Then Arya tells him about her list and the Hound laughs at her. We get a hint of the Cleganebowl as he tells Arya that The Mountain and him have some unfinished business. They are stopped by a hag who asks them about Jon (the King in the North). She tells Arya that they have met before, but is perplexed.

Scenes 3 & 4

When everybody at Greywater Watch go to sleep, Jon and Howland Reed (yes, he is there!) talk to each other. He tells Jon that he is not afraid to die (as his children have died). He then tells Jon that he is paying for his sins (for stabbing Arthur Dayne behind his back). In a later scene, Qyburn is seen visiting Cersei in her chambers. He tells her that Winterfell has been attacked. He tells Cersei that Jon and Dany have lost a lot of army members.

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